Simple Test Case Example

An example unit test that uses a complete COBOL program as the self-contained test fixture; it contains the test case logic and the data to be tested (including the setup and teardown of the test environment).

The following example tests if a file can be written to. If there is a problem writing to the file (for example, the file does not exist or is locked), the test will fail.

Compile the program to .dll (see Compiling Tests), then run the resulting test suite (see Running Tests).

      $set case
       program-id. TestCases.
       environment division.
       input-output section.
       select cust assign to 'cust.txt'
         organization is line sequential.
       data division.
       file section.
       fd cust.
       01 cust-file.
          03 customer-id    pic 9(5).
          03 customer-info  pic x(65).

       working-storage section.
       copy "mfunit.cpy".
       procedure division.

       entry MFU-TC-PREFIX & "FullTestCase".    *> the test case
       move 0 to customer-id
       perform 100 times
        add 1 to customer-id
        move "A customer" to customer-info
        write cust-file

       entry MFU-TC-SETUP-PREFIX & "FullTestCase".  *> the test case setup
       open output cust

       entry MFU-TC-TEARDOWN-PREFIX & "FullTestCase". *> the test case teardown
       close cust

       end program.