To enable core dumps using run-time tunables

  • You cannot enable both Just-In-Time Debugging and Core Dump concurrently.
  • To create a core dump for an application running under IIS, the application must be run in the same user account as that being used when enabling the core dump feature. For example, a core dump will not be produced for a CGI or ISAPI application running under the default anonymous logon account.
  1. Create a run-time tunables file; see Format of a Configuration File for Native COBOL.
  2. Within the file, include the core_on_error tunable. By default, when a core dump occurs, it is saved with the name cblcore, but you can change this by also including the core_filename tunable. For example:
    set core_on_error=131
    set core_filename="coredumptest.%p%t_%d"
    Note: For a complete list of parameters for these run-time tunables, see the core_on_error and core_filename topics.
  3. Set the COBCONFIG environment variable to the location of the tunables file.
  4. Run the application for which you are expecting a core dump file. When the run-time system receives an unhandled signal, a core dump file is created.