Compatibility with XML Extensions

XML Extensions has many capabilities. The major features support the ability to import and export XML documents to and from COBOL working storage. Specifically, XML Extensions allows data to be imported from an XML document by converting data elements (as necessary) and storing the results into a matching COBOL data structure. Similarly, data is exported from a COBOL data structure by converting the COBOL data elements (as necessary) and storing the results in an XML document.

For more information about XML Extensions, refer to the XML Extensions User's Guide, available from the Documentation section of the Micro Focus Customer Care website at

For RM/COBOL users that utilize XML Extensions, here is a summary of compatibility issues that you need to be aware of when working in this COBOL system. Refer to this list and the RM/COBOL Conversion Issues list in the Compatibility with RM/COBOL section

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