Documentation Considerations

Feedback link

  • Each help topic in the documentation for Visual COBOL includes a link that enables you to send us an email to provide feedback about the documentation.

    For these links to work you must first have defined a mailto: handler. Clicking one of these links when no mailto: handler is defined results in unpredictable behavior.

Product help in Visual Studio

  • By default, Visual Studio is configured to open the online product documentation. In order to view the help locally, you need to download and install Visual COBOL product local Help. See Viewing the Product Help in the installation notes or in your Release Notes.
  • On some Windows versions, an issue with Microsoft Help Viewer and Internet Explorer's security being turned on can cause the Help content to be displayed as raw HTML code. To resolve the issue, you need to turn off the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) for both administrators and users. Check the Microsoft Windows help for more information on how to do this.