To buy and activate a full license

To buy a license for Visual COBOL, contact your sales representative or Micro Focus Customer Care.

For instructions on using the Micro Focus License Administration Tool, see Managing Licenses in the Visual COBOL help.

Activating the license from the IDE

When you have bought your license you are given a license file or an authorization code with which to activate the product.

  1. Start Visual COBOL.

    If you have not installed a license for Visual COBOL, trying to use the Micro Focus functionality for the first time after you install the product opens the Micro Focus Visual COBOL Product Licensing dialog box. If you cancel this dialog box, you can invoke it again from Help > Micro Focus Product Help > Product Licensing.

  2. To install your license:
    • If you have a license file - click Browse next to the License file field, select the license file (with an .mflic or an .xml extension), and click Open. Click Authorize to install the license.
    • If you have an authorization code - paste the code in the Authorization code field, and then click Authorize.
  3. Click Close.