Standalone Editing - General Directives

The properties you specify on the General tab in Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Standalone Editing apply to any standalone files you open in the IDE.

Display warning message when directives are changed
Check this to view a warning message when you compile a standalone file and the build directives specified for it from the file properties window (accessed using F4) differ from the ones specified in the global IDE options Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools > Standalone Editing > Build Directives.
Display debugging options dialog on debug start
Check this to show the Debugging Options dialog box when you start debugging a standalone file. This enables you to specify any command line arguments, the start program and the working directory.
Only save the current file before compiling
Check this to only save the active standalone file when you compile it. With this unchecked, when you compile a standalone file, the IDE will save all files opened in the editor.
Save dependent copybooks
Check this if you also want to save any changes to the dependent copybooks when compiling a standalone program. The code of any dependent copybooks might have changed if you have edited it in the expanded copybook mode while making a change to your program.