To activate Visual COBOL Personal Edition

You can register for a Personal Edition license for Visual COBOL on the Visual COBOL Personal Edition page on the Micro Focus Web site. You will receive an email with your download and the authorization code for Personal Edition.

When you activate Visual COBOL Personal Edition, you can use it for a limited period of 365 days. After this period, you can either register a new Personal Edition license for 365 days or acquire a valid full license of Visual COBOL in order to continue using the product.

To activate Personal Edition:

  1. Start Visual COBOL.

    If you have not installed a license for Visual COBOL, starting the IDE and trying to create a COBOL project opens the Micro Focus Visual COBOL Product Licensing dialog box. If you cancel this dialog box, you can invoke it again from Help > Micro Focus Product Help > Product Licensing.

  2. Copy the authorization code which you were sent after registering for Personal Edition, and paste it into the Authorization code field.
  3. Click Finish.

    You should receive a message that the activation has been successful.