Creating Data Files

You can create new data files for all supported file organizations.

When creating a new file, specify the details that make up the file header, such as the file organization and record length details, because the Data File Editor needs these details to open the file correctly each time, for editing.

On creation of the file, these details are written into the file header for certain file organizations; those are indexed files, (record) sequential, and relative files that contains variable record lengths. For file organizations that do not contain a file header, you can save these details to a profile file (.pro file), by checking the Save details... check box on the Create New File dialog box.

For indexed files, you can also define the required indexed keys.

For non-indexed files, you can create them ready to edit with a temporary file, which writes your edits to a temporary file before they are committed to the actual data file. This allows you to revert the current edits before the data file is written to. See Editing Data Files for more information.