General Project Options

The options you specify on the Projects page in Tools > Options > Micro Focus Tools apply to all Micro Focus projects.

COBOL Project Upgrade

Check Additional Directives for project properties
Micro Focus recommends you always use the project's properties rather than the Additional directives field on the COBOL tab in the properties to set Compiler directives that have an IDE equivalent.

If a file in your project has properties that differ from the ones set in the project's properties, the file properties take precedence over the project's properties but not over any directives specified in Additional directives that have an IDE equivalent. This might result in receiving unexpected build issues at build time.

To help work around such issues, Visual COBOL you to convert any directives specified in Additional directives to their project's properties equivalents. With the Check Additional Directives for project properties option checked, when you open a solution Visual COBOL reviews all directives specified as Additional directives for the projects in the solution. If there are directives that have IDE equivalents, you receive an Update Project Properties dialog box that recommends converting those directives to project's properties.

COBOL Project Settings

Maximum concurrent COBOL compilations
Restriction: This option only applies for native COBOL projects.

Specify the maximum number of CPUs to use for parallel compilation. The number is automatically set to the number of CPUs of your computer.

To enable parallel compilation for a native project, check Multi-processor compilation on the COBOL page in the project's properties.

Check whether projects need to be relinked

Disabled by default. Enable this option for Enterprise Developer to check whether applications created with an older product releases must be relinked. See Relink Applications for details about how to automatically relink the existing executable or .dll to the new version of the C run-time system without the need to recompile the application first. You need the original object code (.obj) for this.

Restore error messages on project load
Disabled by default. Check this for the IDE to preserve information about any Micro Focus errors in the code when you close the project. The IDE will then display them in the Error List window when you reopen the project.

Project Details

Track active item in Project Details
Disabled by default. Check this to synchronize the Project Details window with the editor - the file currently opened in the editor will automatically be highlighted in the Project Details window.