To configure how the IDE determines the Compiler directives of files

The Determine Directives context menu command in Solution Explorer and in the Project Details window causes the IDE to scan the files in your project and set any required Compiler directives. You can configure this behavior from the IDE preferences.
  1. Click Tools > Options.
  2. Expand Micro Focus Tools.
  3. Click Directives > COBOL.
  4. Ensure Show selection dialog after determination is checked, if you want to approve the setting of Compiler directives after a directives scan.
  5. Ensure Determine directives of files is checked.
  6. To determine the COBOL dialect of the files and set the COBOL DIALECT directive, check Set the DIALECT directive on files.

    The dialect directive is set only if it differs from the directive set on project level.

  7. Check Set SQL directives on files containing EXEC SQL, if required.

    Click Browse button and choose the SQL directives to set if they occur in the file.

    Note: You must select the directives you require, as well as check the box or no directives are set on the files.
  8. Check Unset SQL directives on files that do not contain EXEC SQL, if required.

    When SQL directives are unset on a file, they override any SQL setting on the project.

  • The status bar identifies the file currently being scanned for directives
  • The output window shows the directives being set on each file