To create a COBOL program-based operation

Restriction: This topic applies only when the Enterprise Server feature is enabled.
  1. In the Interface Mapper, right-click Operation, and click New.
  2. Define the new operation by specifying:
    • A name for the new operation
    • A program
    • An entry point, which you select from the list of entry points available in the program
  3. If you want to automatically create interface fields for all of the fields associated with the entry point selected, check Create Default Mapping.
  4. If you require any user exits for your operation, specify them on the User Exits tab.
  5. For a JSON (RESTful) Web Service operation, you can specify a path and HTTP method on the Path/HTTP tab.
    Note: Alternatively, if you want to automatically identify RESTful API resources from the selected entry point and create operations for each resource, click Enable API Resources to switch to the API Resources tab, where you can view and edit the identified resources.