Restriction: You can use cbllink to compile native COBOL code only.
Note: You need to run this command from a Visual COBOL command prompt.

The cbllink utility is a combined compiler and linker. To use this utility, the Cblnames utility, and the Linker and Library Manager utilities, must be located in the directories indicated by the PATH environment variable.

By default, any run-time support modules required by a COBOL program, for example Adis or Mffh, is automatically linked in to the executable module by this utility. You can instruct Cbllink to link the run-time support modules separately if required.

To invoke cbllink from the command line:
             +-----,-----+           +-.-----.--+
             v           |           V          |  
The cbllink options affect the link process. Separate options with a comma or spaces.