Compiler Prompts

You display the Compiler prompts by typing:


Do not enter any parameters. The system prompts you for each option as follows:

Native code only:

Source filename [.CBL] :
Object filename [source-filename.OBJ] :
Source listing [NUL] :
Object listing [NUL]: 

.NET COBOL code only:

Source filename [.CBL] :

After you enter the source filename, you can accept the defaults for subsequent options by pressing Enter after each prompt or by entering a semicolon at any prompt.

You can override the defaults by entering a filename of your choice after the appropriate prompt. You do not need to enter an extension and trailing period with your filename; the Compiler assigns a default extension according to the type of file being produced. However, if you do not want to use the default extension, you can enter one of your own.

If you do not want to create a particular type of file, you enter NUL in response to the prompt.

After you type any of the responses, before you press Enter, you can continue the response without waiting for the next prompt by typing a comma and the answer to the next prompt.

You can enter a semicolon at any point after entering the source filename to terminate the command line and accept the default settings for any unspecified options. Processing then begins immediately.

You can terminate the compilation at any point by pressing Ctrl+Break.