Adds new DataRows to a DataTable. It is similar to the EXEC SQL INSERT statement which adds new rows into a SQL table.


>>--EXEC ADO--.--------------------.--.-----------------.---->
              +-USING dataset_name-+  +-FOR :host_integer-+

 >--INSERT INTO datatable_name--.---------------.------------>
                                |               |
                                |  +--- , ---+  |
                                |  V         |  | 

            +---------- , ---------+  
            V                      |
 >--VALUES (.----------------------.)---END-EXEC-------------><
            +-- :column_value_hv --+
            +-- column_value     --+


dataset_name The DataSet reference to be used. If you do not specify dataset_name, the current DataSet is used.
:host_integer A host variable that specifies the maximum number of host array elements processed. Must be declared as PIC S9(4) COMP-5 or PIC S9(9) COMP-5.
datatable_name The DataTable that will receive the new DataRows.
column_name A column in the DataTable.
:column_value_hv The corresponding column value for column_name.
column_value The corresponding literal column value for column_name.


After execution, SQLERRD(3) contains the number of elements processed. For INSERT it is the total number of rows inserted.


     EXEC ADO 
        INSERT INTO Customers 
        (CustomerID, CompanyName, ContactName)
        VALUES ('ZZZZ2', 'Java Jugglers', 'Mike Smith')