The LABEL RECORDS clause specifies whether labels are present.

ANS85 The LABEL RECORDS clause is classed as an obsolete element in the ANSI'85 standard and is scheduled to be deleted from the next full revision of the ANSI Standard.

MF All dialects in this COBOL implementation fully support this syntax. The FLAGSTD Compiler directive can be used to detect all occurrences of this syntax.

XOPEN Although it is a part of the standard COBOL definition, this feature is explicitly excluded from the X/Open COBOL language definitions and should not be used in a conforming X/Open COBOL source program.

General Format

Syntax for General Format for the LABEL RECORDS clause

Syntax Rules

  1. This clause should be present in every file description entry.

    ANS85 It is not required.

  2. OSVSVSC2 Data-name-1 is the name of a label record and should have a 01 level-number record description, with the same name, associated with it.
  3. OSVSVSC2 Data-name-1 must not appear in the DATA RECORDS clause for the file.
  4. OSVSVSC2 Both LABEL RECORDS IS and LABEL RECORD ARE are accepted as valid syntax.

General Rule

  1. MF This clause is documentary only.