Customize Build Tasks

To customize an existing build task:

  1. Click Terminal > Configure Tasks.
  2. Select the task to configure - for example, COBOL: MSBuild (projname.cblproj).

    This creates a tasks.json file in your folder. This file contains the custom build tasks for the current workspace:

        "version": "2.0.0",
        "tasks": [
                "type": "COBOL",
                "msBuildExe": "path to \\MSBuild.exe",
                "buildTarget": "path\\projname.cblproj",
                "group": "build",
                "problemMatcher": [
                "group": "build",
                "label": "COBOL: MSBuild (projname.cblproj)",
  3. You can add any settings as required. For example, add the following if you want this build to compile for release:
                "msbuildArgs": "/p:configuration=release"