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Qualifying Government Customers

The Volume License Agreement (VLA) for Government buying program awards special pricing to government entities. Eligibility to purchase under this program is given to qualified entities. Proof of status may be required upon processing of an order.

Qualifying Customers

Government entities must meet all of the following specifications:

  • Perform services or duties of a public character for the benefit of all citizens of a community.
  • Government-owned or affiliated.
  • Non-revenue producing and non-profit.
  • Included in the list of eligible public sector entities as defined by each country's highest-level governmental authority.
  • Hold a discernible legislative, administrative or judicial role.

Non Qualifying Customers

Non qualifying customers include government-owned corporations and enterprises, and state-owned enterprises that undertake commercial activities (healthcare, telecom, banking, transportation, utilities, etc). We may request documentation of governmental status, and may, in its sole discretion, determine whether a customer qualifies as an eligible entity.

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