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Artificial Intelligence. Real Insight.

AI-driven data analytics

Business leaders need strategic insight, not more information. An AI data analytics tool offering actionable insights from text, audio, video, and image resources enables real-time, informed decision-making and surfaces new value from existing data.

Unstructured Data Analytics

OpenText™ IDOL analyzes and enriches your business information to create actionable content for government intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Business Advantage

Competitive marketplace advantage depends on extracting value from your unstructured data. IDOL delivers higher-quality, actionable data, faster.

Boundless Unstructured Data

The stage is set for the next generation of AI-enabled data analytics tools to access and analyze your data, anywhere, all at once.

Strategic real-time AI data analytics and insight

Today, data is more valuable than gold for many organizations. It’s a precious commodity. Supported by the right analytics solution, this data can create actionable insights that save lives and identify immediate risks with proper analysis.

Strategic real-time AI data analytics and insight
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Unstructured data analytics.

Securely access and analyze enterprise (and public) text, audio, and video data.

OpenText™ AI Audio Analytics

Analysis of audio files.

AI audio classification analysis—powered by IDOL.

OpenText™ AI Image Analytics

Analysis of image files.

Image classification and analysis—powered by IDOL.

OpenText™ AI Text Analytics

Analysis of text files.

NLP text analysis—powered by IDOL.

OpenText™ Law Enforcement Media Analysis (LEMA)

Video and image digital forensics.

Law Enforcement Media Analysis identifies and extracts facts from video and image evidence during investigations.

OpenText™ Brand Reputation Monitoring and Protection

Use AI to protect your brand.

Monitor your brand perception, from logo use to mentions, so you can act quickly with IDOL.

OpenText™ Semantic Search

Semantic answers to search queries.

Answer search queries in a conversational manner through natural language processing (NLP).

OpenText™ Data Access and Connectors

Connect to all your data.

Connect to over 200 different data repositories to improve enterprise search and data analytics.

OpenText™ Safe City Analytics

Mitigate risk in your city.

Advanced media analytics uses AI and machine learning to enrich video surveillance footage.

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