Manage and Protect Your Data With the All New File Governance Suite


With the File Governance Suite, you'll not only be able to know what you're storing on your network and who has access to it, but put policies in place to automatically manage, rectify, and protect your data from threats such ransomware.

This on-demand webinar will show you how the File Governance Suite can:

  • Report and analyze your network-stored files
  • Identify and move potentially sensitive files
  • Automatically manage your files and folders through policies
  • Protect and recover high-value targets from ransomware

This webinar will include great information and a demo of the new release of File Reporter and File Dynamics, components of the File Governance Suite.

File Governance Suite Webinar Preview
release-rel-2024-5-1-9444 | Tue Apr 30 16:03:23 PDT 2024
Tue Apr 30 16:03:23 PDT 2024