Analyst Paper

Omdia Universe: Selecting a Content Services Platform Solution, 2021

Content management software is crucial to the way that businesses use, protect, and manage data. In this market report, Omdia evaluates the strength of the Micro Focus offering, discusses the major players in the marketspace, and compares solutions from leading vendors to help decision-makers.

See where Micro Focus excels by:

  • Empowering companies to manage the ENTIRE lifecycle of data.
  • Providing powerful content analytics and AI-powered search via IDOL.
  • Offering a strong governance and security story.

The Omdia Universe for Content Services Platforms Solutions, 2021–22

Omdia Universe Content Services Platforms.

Any enterprise still using legacy enterprise content management (ECM) systems should consider migrating to modern, cloud-native content services platforms, which support Agile development, deployment flexibility between cloud and on-premises models, and enhanced security to help protect content."

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