The 2021 State of Software Quality

A View From the Enterprise


What is software quality, and why is it important to enterprises?

It’s easy to answer the question, “Is software quality important to the enterprise?” since nearly all enterprises are already in the midst of a digital transformation. Answering the question, “What is software quality?” is more complicated. This is because software quality is often a goal extending beyond simple test metrics.

Together with Micro Focus, EMA set out earlier this year to understand how enterprises were approaching the subject of software quality. EMA gathered data from senior IT staff by surveying 316 enterprises of various sizes around the world to uncover what sets leaders and laggards apart.

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  • How people and different teams contribute to driving software quality
  • How policy and process impacts software quality initiatives
  • What strategies and decisions are important to improving software quality
  • What are the key characteristics of software quality leaders
The 2021 State of Software Quality
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