If You're Not Automating Application Deployment, You're Wasting Your Team's Time

Help your dev team focus on development, not deployment.


Automating manual application deployments enables development teams to keep their focus on developing. Wes Godard, Senior Solution Architect, demonstrates how to automate web app deployments – even deployments of enterprise-level software.

Request this half-hour webinar to learn:

  • 1 essential difference between continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • When you should separate the configuration of an environment from how the code is deployed in that environment
  • How to integrate with Jenkins and other automated continuous integration tools
  • Why utilizing scripts you already have makes database change deployments faster
  • How to coordinate and automate multi-tier application deployments
  • How to roll back changes when you find an issue after deployment

Speed web application deployments through your pipeline and reduce errors so your dev team can spend more time on their main job: developing.

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Automating Application Deployments in 30 Minutes Webinar
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