Buyer’s Guide to Software Test Automation Tools


Which software test automation tools will work best for your team’s unique needs?

Find out the most important evaluation criteria to consider, along with a sample RFP template that includes the key questions every team should ask.

Companies are racing to embrace agile and DevOps practices that increase the speed of development, but surprisingly few use software test automation tools to keep up with the increased pressure on testing. Testing teams that do use automation tools work faster and smarter as they adopt agile methodologies. These teams:

  • Can produce multiple deploys per day.
  • Need less than one hour of lead time for changes (between code commit and code deploy).
  • Have a change failure rate of 0–15%.
  • Can restore an application or service in less than an hour after an unplanned outage or service incident occurs

Have you made the leap? In this special report, industry experts explain the latest test automation trends, technologies and how to choose the right tools for your team. Discover:

  • The state of test automation and the test automation tools available today,
  • How each fits with the 3 key types of testing roles,
  • Tool issues, gaps, and areas that need improvement,
  • 4 emerging test automation trends,
  • What to expect from artificial intelligence and machine learning,
  • What to look for when evaluating tool options, and
  • What questions to ask in your RFP
Get the facts on the latest test automation technology developments and what to look for when deciding on a test automation tool for your team. Download the Buyer’s Guide to Software Test Automation Tools report today.
Buyer’s Guide to Software Test Automation Tools
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