Finding the Business Value Points for Controlled IT Delivery

Deliver value-based goals with a better understanding of how to apply VSM to achieve successful and measurable outcomes.

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What comes after DevOps and Digital Transformation? If you’re like most organizations, you’re beginning to look at each stage in your software product development and delivery cycle with a view to optimize each in order to extract maximum value. To do this, you may consider borrowing from an established concept of value stream management. In this report, we will look at:

  • What value stream management is and how it can be applied
  • What tools are involved and what organizations have gained and learned from its application

Crucially, you’ll get an understanding of the important characteristics and working practices for successful and measurable outcomes in ValueEdge. The report concludes with a profile of the ValueEdge Platform, the Micro Focus value stream management solution and the underpinning platform that reinforces its foundation.

This report from CCS Insights details how to use Value Stream Management to drive success across your enterprise.

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