GigaOm Radar for Regulated Software Lifecycle Management

Micro Focus has been named a leader in regulated software lifecycle management (RSLM) for delivering enterprise capabilities and innovations in value stream management (VSM) and predictive analytics. Learn how our market leading solutions support your business needs.

Report insights include:

  • A forward-looking analysis that plots the relative value and progression of vendor solutions based on strategy and execution.
  • How well RSLM solutions are positioned to serve specific market segments and deployment models.
  • A snapshot of the technical capabilities of available solutions, the perimeter of the market landscape, and the potential impact on the business.

GigaOm Radar report

Micro Focus’ suite of products enables in-depth planning and management of solutions for regulated industries, with deep functionality that supports many industries.

A key differentiator for these solutions is their VSM capabilities, which enables organizations to align business and execution to ensure investments are in step with high-level strategic goals.

Another key differentiator is the AI capabilities of the platform, which include root cause analysis, predictability of delivery, and recommendations throughout the entire software lifecycle.

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