Gartner® Report: How to Build and Evolve Your DevOps Toolchains

Today’s business leaders must develop methods to deliver customer value faster. “Integrated DevOps toolchains and value stream management delivery platforms enable organizations to maximize flow, improve delivery efficiency, and drive innovation. "

Report Insights Include:

  • Stand-alone tools create silos that prevent teams from delivering value
  • Recommendations for creating a cohesive toolchain strategy
  • How to evolve your toolchain iteratively to meet your teams needs

Based on survey and interview responses from more than 400 network professionals, this research from EMA offers a clear definition of Network Observability and guidance on how you can use it to face you network monitoring challenges. Front page of the EMA Network Observability report

To start building integrated toolchains, I&O [infrastructure and operations] leaders must focus on what tasks need to be accomplished—not tool features, functionality and architecture.

To expand and improve their toolchain, we recommend that I&O leaders use an iterative strategy that aims for continuous improvement.

DevOps VSMPs [Value Stream Management Platforms] enable organizations to optimize end-to-end product delivery lead time. These platforms provide greater visibility and traceability into the flow of all product delivery processes, from ideation to release and operation.

Gartner, How to Build and Evolve Your DevOps Toolchains, Daniel Betts, Manjunath Bhat, et al, Refreshed 29 October 2022 Published 4 June 2021.

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