Position paper

How to Future-Proof DevOps with Value Stream Management

Value Stream Management (VSM) is a transformative practice designed to create, track, deliver, and validate the flow of value your existing DevOps practice generates. Explore the basics of VSM to keep projects focused on value and the flow of change from ideation to completion.

Key Insights Include:

  • Linking technologies in order to gather data that helps you measure the flow of value
  • Ideas for how to determine and standardize tracking value
  • Understanding core use-cases for VSM in your DevOps toolchain

Position Paper: How to Future-Proof DevOps with Value Stream Management

Read this paper to learn about how DevOps and value stream management can work together.

VSM builds on the concepts in Agile and DevOps and up-levels them, focusing on aligning the business’ strategic initiatives with the IT department’s outputs by adding cost and value components, tracking throughput or “flow” rates, and exposing information such as the waste or friction in your current processes.”

To manage the entire process, you need to know how work passes through a set of disparate technologies and phases [by harvesting] data from a variety of tools to track the flow.”

Value Stream Mapping allows organizations to track a product’s observable and measurable business objectives, identify bottlenecks, friction points and constraints in processes. Key performance indicators (KPIs) measure attaining the goal.”

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