INSIGHT REPORT: Focusing on the Right Speed for DevOps

New CCS Insight highlights Release Orchestration as key to a successful DevOps implementation.


An IT team does not operate at a single speed. Requirements for the security, delivery and stability of software vary widely across an organization. Core enterprise IT must be treated with care to prevent a catastrophic failure. At the same time, the move to mobile clients and cloud services means that users are demanding new features, innovations and bug fixes at breakneck speed.

This report provides an analysis into the following insights:

  • DevOps promises the ability to release stable software into production at a pace that matches organizational goals, cultural dynamics and application and market requirements.
  • DevOps and Agile software development can be compared to a watch mechanism, in which the hands and the date indicators move at different speeds to provide a set of information that must be viewed as a whole.
  • Release orchestration can ease the running of a multispeed DevOps environment. By understanding the dependencies of various processes, an orchestration engine can enable changes to the way software is planned to be delivered

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Wed Sep 14 16:06:11 PDT 2022