Use load testing to get better products

Get battle-ready applications


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Software defects can be 100 times more expensive to fix at the end of development than at the beginning. To avoid “under-ready” applications, use load testing to ensure quality.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How to save $10,000 per project with automation
  • How to identify exactly which conditions are causing functional errors
  • How to recognize when your application is ready for deployment
  • Which systems capacities you need for each application tier

With the answers to these tough questions, you can make your applications battle-ready and prepare to handle the challenges of real-world conditions, no matter what your user load is like.

End-to-end load tests must ensure that applications are “battle ready” and can withstand massive, global usage. This requires simulating large loads, but often the infrastructure in place is insufficient. End-to-end load tests are frequently performed in staging environments, which simulate the production system at a reduced scale. Also, the hardware resources necessary to run the virtual users for a peak load test require significant investments and may not be available right on time.

This may lead to “under testing” of applications by testing with lower volumes of peak loads, in turn introducing the risk that applications will fail in real-world conditions. Alternatively, it may lead to delaying testing until the necessary computing resources can be assembled, stalling the delivery of business requirements and impairing an organization’s agility.

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Use load testing to get better products
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