Adopt Continuous Delivery as Part of Your DevOps Transformation

How to speed up your software release process.


In today's competitive market, you and your business are looking for ways to increase the quantity and speed of your software releases. But you have to move fast without disrupting your services.

This eBook shows you how you can leave behind sequential serial releases with long lead times and small feature delivery by enabling your applications to continuously evolve.

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  • Why you need DevOps today
  • Where to begin and what prerequisites you must implement for success
  • How you'll benefit from DevOps
  • What are the easy wins in the continuous delivery adoption process

Don't get left behind – implement Continuous Delivery with your DevOps practices today.


Continuous Delivery and DevOps transformation typically begin with a process review and the automation of the deployment pipeline. While this is a gallant approach, a more fundamental problem must be addressed: development and IT operations people have different approaches, concerns, and performance metrics, and they frequently do not understand each other's processes. Dev is from Mars and Ops are from Venus (which may explain some of the strange sights you have seen in IT operations teams). Success in accelerating application delivery will depend not only on bridging these differences in approach, but on eliminating the issues that occur in the handoffs from one silo to another when, traditionally, code is "thrown over the wall" from development to test and from test to deployment.

The Practical Guide to Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery
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