Real World DevOps for Mainframe Enterprises

This paper is a deep dive into what DevOps really means and how organizations can achieve the principles of improvement within the context of longer-established technology, such as the mainframe.


Even though improving inefficiencies looks different for each company, we believe that anyone can do it. Adopting DevOps is not simply a question of flicking a switch. It is about uncovering and implementing the technological or procedural changes that will deliver the desired improvements.

Who Would Benefit?

Our white paper states the case for achieving DevOps levels of efficiency by highlighting three examples of companies who have done just that. By implementing the right software at the right stage, they achieved DevOps-style benefits, including:

  • Increased release velocity
  • Improved defect detection
  • Reduced deployment failures and rollbacks
  • Decreased development and operations cost

This dedicated white paper moves from thought-leadership toward a practical guide to improving development practices. It explains them using real world cases of enterprises implementing the DevOps philosophy to improve business efficiency.

To discover how to realize DevOps-style efficiency gains, download your free white paper today.

Real World DevOps for Mainframe Enterprises White Paper
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