Release Software in Half the Time by Implementing Continuous Delivery

Control your deployment process with Micro Focus.


Software delivery in today's enterprises has shifted away from building, developing, and releasing. It's now necessary to build and deploy software that can be released at any time.

Deployment Automation enables you to release software at any time with end-to-end toolchain integration and continuous delivery best practices.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • The best practices for implementing DevOps into automation release processes
  • How DevOps drives the adoption of continuous deployment
  • How model-driven application deployment increases the visibility into application deployment
  • How Micro Focus solutions automate the continuous delivery deployment pipeline

Satisfy business requirements and release software at any time using Deployment Automation.

Enterprise DevOps: Implementing Continuous Delivery and Self-Service Application Deployment
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Thu Oct 7 01:05:01 PDT 2021