Process or Speed? Why You Need Both to Make DevOps Work

How to take the right approach to DevOps.


Speed isn't always the answer when it comes to improving your DevOps process – especially since going faster can cause more damage.

To make DevOps work successfully and with stability, you need a multi-speed, process-driven approach. This analyst paper explains how to get the best of both worlds.

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  • Why the path to continuous delivery and improved DevOps requires commitment
  • How orchestrated solutions and interoperability bring processes together
  • Why you need both multi-speed change and process for successful DevOps
  • How Micro Focus helps manage the release pipeline and changing the cultural mindset

Discover what leading analyst firm CIC says is the right approach to DevOps.


DevOps is an approach that looks right across the IT function, rather than reinforcing its existing silos, and attempts to build a coherent approach to the software lifecycle. Crucially, DevOps looks to address the disconnect between development and operational processes, while preparing an environment with the capacity for continuous delivery and deployment. The core premise underpinning DevOps – and thereby a vital mechanism for continuous delivery and deployment – is the ability to release software into production with stability and at a pace and frequency in line with organizational goals, cultural dynamics, and market and application requirements.

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Serena focuses on the right speed for DevOps
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