How to Avoid the Unexpected Costs of Open Source Software

What OSS is really costing you.


Open source software (OSS) is not free – especially in application release management. Yet there remains a misconception over the true underlying costs of open source adoption.

This white paper explores the true cost vs. value perspective of OSS to help you cut costs.

Request the white paper to learn:

  • The hidden costs associated with deploying and maintaining OSS
  • What the real costs are in building a release management tool-chain
  • The total cost of ownership of having a release control solution with other OSS or homegrown application options

Discover how you can avoid the headaches and management costs of open source software by implementing a release management solution.


Despite the many benefits of open source software, it is not without considerable pitfalls and shouldn’t be seen as a panacea for all organizational ills. This is especially true for organizations that are technically competent, but who lack staff with the requisite expertise to develop and maintain both open source and open source derived software, support its infrastructure requirements and build cross system integrations. Similarly, organizations who believe that they can simply ‘roll their own’ release process model frequently underestimate the complexities of both the integrated nature of a release control tool-chain and the level of dependencies across multiple applications.

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Hidden Costs of Open Source and Homegrown Applications White Paper
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