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VSM Solutions Deliver Real Business Impact

VSM Solutions Deliver Real Business Impact

Download this new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Micro Focus to see why users of commercial VSM solutions report faster time to market and greater customer satisfaction.

Study insights include:

  • Software makers lack visibility, collaboration, and measurement capabilities.
  • VSM solutions can provide value, flow, and waste insights previously hidden.
  • VSM early adopters have established best practices for success.
  • VSM benefits are transforming software delivery.

VSM Solutions Deliver Real Business Impact

Value stream management (VSM) solutions enable software leaders to track, analyze and optimize end-to-end software delivery performance across their entire organization.

More than two-thirds of IT decision-makers say that getting real-time insights into the SDLC and understanding root cause analysis of problems is challenging for their SDOs [software delivery organizations].

VSM gives organizations insights into the flow, value, and waste across their SDLC. This enables leaders to better understand their delivery pipeline performance, make data-driven improvements to delivery, and link software development to business value.

A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned by Micro Focus, April 2022.

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