Special Report: Why Performance Testing is Crucial Today


There is never a good time for technical issues to add disruptions to your operations and they can be costly. Performance engineering solutions can help your organization identify and mitigate potential trouble spots. There are many options available and it is easy to get lost searching for the right solution.

This Micro Focus sponsored special report will help you to determine what you should expect from performance testing solutions and how to put them to work most efficiently and engineer software quality early and into the end-user experience.

  • In this special report, you will learn :
  • Key differences and options between open source and proprietary performance testing solutions
  • What is at stake in the absence of updated performance testing
  • How to determine which performance testing solutions fit your needs
  • What testing parameters and capabilities should you prioritize
  • The importance of Performance Engineering

Download this report to learn more about performance engineering solutions

Performance Testing Special Report
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Wed Sep 14 16:06:11 PDT 2022