World Quality Report 2019-20

Quality underpins the key business drivers of every major enterprise


Find out what your peers say are the most critical factors in delivering reliable, secure software.

Testing and automation are critical to delivering quality software reliably and securely, but they bring costs and complexities that are challenging even the most sophisticated QA teams. That’s just one of the conclusions in The World Quality Report 2019-20.

The report, conducted by Capgemini and Sogeti, analyzed responses from 1,725 QA/testing managers, CIOs and other IT executives in 32 countries, and across ten industry sectors, about the trends shaping QA and testing today.

Key findings from The World Quality Report 2019-20 include:

  • Business growth and outcomes are now the top QA objective for agile and DevOps adoption, replacing end user satisfaction last year.
  • AI momentum in testing is growing, but skills are lagging.
  • Flaky testing environments that can’t react to changes or interpret and understand results, along with an abundance of disconnected tools, are hindering test automation ROI. Teams need smart, connected end-to-end test automation environments.
  • Security remains front-and-center—and there are new issues to address.
  • Automation is making a difference, but  has brought specific challenges.

Get all the details—and plenty of practical advice. Download The World Quality Report 2019-20 today.

 World Quality Report 2019-2020
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