6 Reasons You Should Migrate to ChangeMan ZMF

For a smooth transition, take the OnRamp.


To keep up with the widening landscape of mainframe development, you need a modern development platform that fits your needs. By migrating your current software code repository to ChangeMan® ZMF, you can increase security and be prepared for the future. The four steps of the OnRamp process make automating repository migration easy.

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  • 6 ChangeMan ZMF features that will improve your development platform
  • Why 5–10% of old repositories contain issues, and how ChangeMan ZMF fixes them
  • How to create the perfect timeline for your migration

Switch to ChangeMan ZMF using the RAMP process for a more secure and reliable repository.


The process is called RAMP, for Repository Automated Migration Process, and it focuses on automation as the key element. We have run RAMP with many clients, and while no two projects are exactly alike, they do all follow a common process which makes them predictable and safe. As much as possible, the process uses specially designed automation tools that have been created by Serena’s Research and Development unit. These utilities are high speed and high fidelity, which means that even the largest repositories can be migrated in a few hours, saving many days from the overall project timeframe.

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