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Now you know why global enterprises large and small choose to re-use, re-host, and refresh their current COBOL applications It’s time to see how this trusted solution could benefit your organization.

Proven tech. Credible partners. Incredible returns.

The argument for application re-hosting is straightforward enough. The question now is selecting the right technology partner. Having delivered more than 1,000 successful application re-hosting projects across 1,000s of customer sites worldwide, Micro Focus has the unique track record, the countless customers, and the industry credibility to make selection a fast, simple, and easy process.

Next steps...

A chat with one of our application rehost experts is a great way to begin your journey. Our Value Profile Service fast-tracks this discussion – it’s your chance find out everything you ever wanted to know about application re-hosting but didn’t know whom to ask.

Through this service, we offer an appraisal of your application portfolio and its suitability for re-hosting, including the skills, resourcing, and technology requirements needed to achieve your goals. An application assessment and roadmap is then developed, enabling you to confidently set your path to a successful application rehost project. You’ve seen the Micro Focus rehost framework, now it's time to apply this process to your application environment. Fill out the form to get started.

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