DevOps and Shift-Left Come Together for Peak Efficiency


You can get your software to market without a single hitch

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How do you improve efficiency within your development and testing environment? For many development organizations, DevOps and Shift-left are an effective answer. Micro Focus has been building software delivery tools for over 30 years, so we’re well-rehearsed in integrating disparate tools, teams, and assets.
With our free white paper, gain a clear understanding of the market drivers, challenges, and opportunities for adopting Shift-Left and DevOps.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How you can eliminate silos
  • How you can gain visibility across a heterogeneous environment
  • How you can manage disparate tools in a changing IT landscape

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To remain competitive, organizations need to reduce the time it takes to gather, define and, agree on project requirements so that these requirements are provided to developers faster. Organizations embarking on the development of a new software or mobile application do so because they have identified a commercial opportunity. Due to the fast pace of change in the IT industry, it is a key imperative to deliver new apps to the market quickly, ahead of the competition, to realize commercial advantage.

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Avoid Silos by Shifting Left in a DevOps World
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