Change Management at the Heart of Digital Transformation


Mainframe DevOps Webinar Series

Watch our first webinar of the Mainframe DevOps Webinar series and see how ChangeMan® ZMF can help with your Mainframe DevOps initiatives and pave your way to a more agile development environment while adopting DevOps practices for continuous integration and release management. From delivering new business functionality into production, to ensuring the successful deployment from small to large complex releases in a hybrid IT context – this webcast will provide insights, and actionable recommendations on how to get the most out of ChangeMan ZMF to achieve your goals.

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 Mainframe DevOps Webinar Series
release-rel-2020-9-2-5123 | Tue Sep 15 18:06:14 PDT 2020
Tue Sep 15 18:06:14 PDT 2020