Rapidly bring failed systems back using just one product

Get details about all software infrastructure changes – and roll them back when it's most important.


When your systems fail, returning them to a functioning state is business-critical. However, restoring them their proper state can only happen with a powerful z/OS solution.

ChangeMan SSM enables you to restore quickly by detecting changes to systems software and synchronizing multiple operating environments.

Request a call to learn:

  • How to detect changes based on the content of a dataset or PDS member
  • Ways to increase your code integrity
  • Why you need point-in-time recovery
  • How to reduce cost by identifying unused loadlib members

Know exactly what changes were made, when they were made, and who made them, to ensure only the correct changes are backed out.

ChangeMan SSM
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Tue Nov 22 15:06:16 PST 2022