What Customers Are Saying About ChangeMan ZMF

Get the insights only users can give about ChangeMan ZMF in the enterprise.


ChangeMan ZMF customers represent some of the largest, most diverse, and most forward-thinking enterprise IT organizations on the z/OS platform. Discover what customers and customer advisory board members had to say about ChangeMan ZMF capabilities.

The roundtable includes several current customer advisory board members; other customers; Al Slovacek, Vice President of Mainframe Products; and other product experts.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • How to manage current environments
  • How to develop and deploy composite apps
  • Best practices in change and release management
  • What features are coming in future ChangeMan ZMF releases
  • Get the insights of other ChangeMan ZMF users and learn how to utilize this software configuration and change management tool.

This webinar is from the July 2014 meeting of the Mainframe Virtual User Group.

What Customers Are Saying About ChangeMan ZMF
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