COBOL Analyzer

Application Insight at the Point of Change


COBOL Analyzer Product Launch Video

With better insight and understanding of your core business applications, you make more informed strategic decisions. Information is power.

So is a new code analysis and visualization toolset that addresses the challenges of working with large, complex applications.

Micro Focus COBOL Analyzer

With a complete understanding of your business applications, their relationships and dependencies, executives, developers and analysts achieve invaluable application insight.

See the big picture. Enable IT teams to plan and implement application change with confidence using COBOL Analyzer’s knowledge repository. That means a complete understanding of the impact of change across the entire codebase.

Check out this video. Discover how to:

  • Accelerate application change requests and eliminate unexpected work through earlier insight
  • Support new business cases by isolating valuable business logic into reusable components
  • Use straightforward tooling to restore knowledge and subject matter expertise by visualizing application relationships, analyzing data flows and creating documentation
  • Easily onboard new talent by planning and documenting Micro Focus COBOL applications

Getting started is simple. Complete the form on the right. Begin your journey to a better understanding of your business applications using COBOL Analyzer.

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