COBOL at 60 – a Living Legend

Celebrating COBOL’s Enduring Value


With each passing year, technology evolves and changes the world around us. 2019 is no different: this year, Google is 21, Amazon is 25, and some might argue they have changed the face of technology, and how we use it, forever. Another potent force that shaped the world of IT and commerce for decades – COBOL – enjoys its diamond anniversary this year. In an age of unprecedented pressure to innovate, where new trends seem to last only for the briefest moments, COBOL continues to shine.

This white paper looks at the topic through three dimensions:

  • Why the world needs robust – and ever-changing – business technology
  • What Innovation means in terms of technology, and talent
  • The special ingredients that gave COBOL its everlasting power
COBOL at 60 mark
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