How to Pick the SCCM Solution That's Right for Your Business

A common-sense checklist to help you pick the right solution


How do you know which SSCM solution is right for you? And how do you know it's going to meet the unique needs of your business? This checklist enables you to analyze various solutions and select the one that's right for your most complex development ecosystem.

Request the checklist to learn:

  • Why you need an SCCM solution that accommodates various tools, languages, and platforms
  • The importance of being able to integrate to upstream and downstream processes
  • Why your solution should provide insight into process metrics
  • Why you should look for a solution that helps remote teams quickly and securely access information

Select a solution that will grow with you and your business for years to come.


With all the different software change configuration management (SCCM) solutions available, how do you know which one is right for you? If you're a global development organization, you have additional things to worry about, including disparate systems, regional processes, compliance to standards, distributed locations, and outsourced partners.
Micro Focus has compiled a simple checklist to help global development organizations analyze which SCCM solution makes the most sense for their complex development ecosystem. Use this common-sense checklist to help you select a solution that you can grow with for years to come.

A Decision Maker’s Guide to SCCM Solutions
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