Futurum Report

How Mainframe Modernization Begins with Application Modernization

View this Futurum research report to learn how mainframe modernization practices can help enterprises leverage their existing IT assets and make them more agile, cost-effective, and usable long into the future.

In this Futurum Report, discover:

  • Why organizations are seeking mainframe modernization.
  • Mainframe modernization options.
  • Smarter modernization by OpenText.

Gain new value with mainframe modernization

Mainframe modernization allows organizations to gain new value and functionality from their longtime IT investments.

One of the main values from OpenText is that the company provides tools and platforms to help enterprises meet their application modernization needs more quickly, at lower risk, and with lower costs by moving their monolithic applications to more cloud-native platforms without having to rewrite or rebuild them from scratch."

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