The Modern Mainframe – Automated, Protected, Connected


IDC White Paper: April 2021
Analyst: Peter Rutten

Information technology (IT) organizations are positioning themselves to support new revenue- generating business models that leverage digital technologies in conjunction with their existing applications and the core enterprise data. Often, these applications run on such host systems as IBM Z, IBM i, HPE NonStop, or Unix platforms. It is imperative to integrate these hosts with modern platforms to ensure maximum yield with application delivery. IDC believes that traditional host platforms are well suited to play a pivotal role in businesses' digital transformation. The vendors of such platforms have rigorously innovated them over the years to expose their functionalities to internal as well as external systems.

This white paper takes a closer look at secure application access and RPA benefits and hurdles on host systems and provides an overview of some of the solutions to overcome these hurdles.

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The Modern Mainframe Automated Protected and Connected
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