Visual COBOL: New Application Modernization Tools for the Java Developer


Introducing the Latest Visual COBOL Book. Companies around the world are trying to solve a critical IT conundrum; how do they harness and integrate long-standing, core business systems, written in COBOL, with a new era of Java-based technologies and modern IT architectures. Those who are successful have learned how to tap into the power of their existing applications and have transformed their IT systems into first class citizens of the digital world. Underpinning this transformation are new tools from Micro Focus that offer the ability to compile COBOL directly to Java Byte Code and seamlessly integrate with modern Java architectures.

Discover how to bridge these two worlds together using REST architectures, containers and Cloud and from within a familiar development toolset. Re-imagine software development and application modernization using the power of Visual COBOL. Brought to you by the leader in COBOL development tools, this book is written for you--the Java developer.

This Book Delivers…

  • A closer look at how to modernize COBOL applications using Java-based technologies
  • A real-world example to illustrate key concepts
  • A quick getting started guide to the COBOL language – designed for the Java developer
  • Patterns and practices to help Java developers bridge COBOL and Java together
  • Free access to the student edition of Visual COBOL

About the Author

Paul Kelly has worked at Micro Focus for more than 20 years. Paul worked on Visual COBOL for 10 years, initially on Visual Studio development, and later on Eclipse, before helping to develop a cloud-based SaaS offering. In 2017, Paul Visual COBOL: A Developer’s Guide to Modern COBOL. In his spare time, Paul plays the guitar and experiments with different ways of making coffee.

Visual COBOL New Application Modernization Tools for the Java Developer
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