Do You Know How Code Changes Will Impact Your Mainframe Apps?

Mainframe developers: Simplify your life with change impact analysis.


Understanding the impact of change with large enterprise mainframe applications is an extremely complex and challenging task. Discover how ChangeMan ZMF keeps it simple.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • How to analyze the impact of code changes
  • Why ChangeMan ZMF and Smart TS XL are a match made in code heaven
  • When skimping on documentation can increase – not decrease – dev costs
  • Which change management practices can lead to application downtime and missed business opportunities

Join Ami Sadeh, CTO of In-Com Data Systems, as she demonstrates how to quickly identify which application changes you need to make, understand their impact, and manage them all the way to production.

This webinar is from the April 2015 meeting of the Mainframe Virtual User Group.

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